Oct 2, 2012

It's been a year.

As title shown, it's been a year! No.. more than one year,  i never log in to my own blog !
I know this will happen again in future, perhaps?
You know why? everything has been conquer by SNSs like Fb, Instragram, WeiBo and so on?
There is less and less people blogging anymore!
On my blog list have clearly shown that there is only 10% of my friends continue to blog, others? they won't blog anymore i bet. So why have to blog again since we can straight away upload, update anything we wish immediately through those platform? hmm...
so, why m i still bull shit over here? bcos i'm too boring right now . hahahah.
i know there's nobody reading my blog anymore, but who cares? just wanna update my blog and keep alive , i don't wan she died with no reason baby !
so, that's all ! bye !
p/s: funny. i can't found my latest photo from my lappie, all in my iphone. so obviously.... my lappie is going to die soon...OH NO!!
May 6, 2011

Hola !

oh hola...!! kinda sleepy right now in office, hmp.. coffee can't save me? !
im fully utilize all my weekends this 2months! it's great to says that i love my job so so much.. as i mentioned in facebook "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life !", this is very true! My life changes since the while i step into the company, even my mind =) cheers, life goes on!
And i know to reward myself, i went for underarms hair removal recently, this is a long term treatment, although it super costly, but for a worker like me still can survive with this la xD

the next changes is 'NO MORE self-manicure', i dun wanna waste all my time on all stupid fingers, and so........i went to manicurist for all the manicure and pedicure~ it's save alot of my times! *thumbs up* to be frankly, i dn like the foot paint design, superb ugly =(

well, gathering is a must for my life, especially my loves one!

Remy Wong~!

Spent my time for my friend's wedding house photo shooting, it's my first time wearing wedding gown, the feeling so weird yet paise........xD

went to show room, do you think tis condo design pretty nice? oh hell nearly 500k.... i like it, simple n nice =) yeah! *wink* congratz! xD

do you still remember xiaozhu came KL last month? and hey!i went the concert as well, the concert is superb funny la, i like the way he are, MR PIG! hahaha... so sweet of him~!support support.. but compare with Jay, ermhemm...my Jay is still the best for me! hahaha
oh ya, fyi, im working in Entertainment field, the nature of business is all interrelated with media, entertainment, event and artist , so in future i have alot of concert to watch=) *evil laugh*

and lastly, dating with my boyfiii is everyday's activity hahaa ~!

Apr 9, 2011

Listening Olivia's song right now...this moment remind me the night at Liverpool..
i miss the sleepless night i had for clubbing, rushing report n have fun, i really do..
no one can understand my feelings =(
it makes my mood freaking down right now.. i wish to cry out loud i dnno why..
i hate this feelings, seriously suffering...
everything changed, and yeah..gotta keep moving Tsehan.

Mar 30, 2011

Hey yo, Dear all my friends or whoever pass-by my blog i knw u guys must have your Facebook account right, can u please do me a small favor?
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Easy right?! Thank you so much. Every LIKE will be appreciated dearly~

Thanks for y'all support!!
Mar 28, 2011


the new hair style i had after this 5years!!!
short & healthy hair~

When my friends met me, they will said 'hey, u looks young with ur brand new hairstyle!'
well, i should happy or sad? Happy coz i looks younger nw?or sad coz previously i looks OLD?
omfg, cnt bliv it...muahahha! however,i'll try to in love with my shorty hair and FORGOT my LONGLONG curly hair..

Mar 23, 2011
Goodbye my long long hair...long hair had been accompany me for more than 4years luuu..
it was so random.. if u ask me y ?i myself also dn hv a reason y i cut my hair? =(
well, during the hairstylist chop off my hair, im kinda sad......n AWAKE! omg..y im sitting here for hair cut? lol...

baby hair..

Miss my longlong hair...it's freaking LONG til ........not reach WAIST yet!! u can imagine that how long is it as my height were 168cm.

miss my curly curly long long hair~~

great that she acc me for the whole trip~ rip for now!

Lastly, gd bye hair baby~~

oh yeah..WELCOME new healthy short hair.im kinda confuse, i should happy or sad? zzzz
i und that in other's view it wasn't short at all, but for me...is SHORT okay!

the stupid photo shooting with my hsmate xD
Mar 22, 2011


Finally it's time to say congratz to myself on Blogspotttt =p

Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours, second upper class!! oh yeah~
can't imagine that 4years time passed fast !
this cert worth everything, as long as my future !because...
"You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world." oh my...i love this quote so much! it makes me so grateful~ good job tsehan!

i believe that future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their life, like me!!! xD
yet, the process is kinda tk times and stress or pressure, but always remember that accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. and not only plan but also believe on ourself!

Event day my parents did come over to cbrate my big big day with me *Hug for them*
oh ya, holly hell all the visitor i means my parents hav to pay 20pound per entry, my university is so fucking bloody 'tam lui' !!! but fine la, last convocation for myself, this is just a small figure, forget it! grr~
without them i really dn hv this chance to play around the world and bcm so knowledgeable. thanks for everyone that support me as well. * love*

Parents and me stay at Corus hotel (mandarin oriental is more strategic place to sty,but too bad FULLY BOOKED, hell) which is just behind KLCC, it's bcm so damn convenient to us! we stay there for 3days 2 night !! oh ya, the breakfast is superb delicious ~~

my hunny with me (before event)

My beloved daddy mummy *Big kiss for them*

Love his smart smart look

my superb result oh yay~show off

Again, i ♥ Liverpool still !